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We believe that each one of us has a part to play to end child marriage. At SYRADO, this holiday we found out that most girls maybe having scholarships but they lack scholastic materials like books which may keep them away from school leading to eventual dropout. The January counter book training camp was meant to give a skill to the teenager but also provide books which they need to take to school. A total of 108 books were made and 25 girls benefited from the project. That is our block contribution to keep girls in school and end child marriage in slum communities.

This is a holiday book training camp supporting teenage girls to keep engaged during the holidays while imparting a skill and also get books for school. School fees and supplies may prohibit girls from continuing their education, and gender norms may cause a family to prioritize the education of boys over girls. Early marriage keeps girls out of school, especially in fragile and conflict-affected areas where families may feel that early marriage is the best option to secure a girl’s future. Schools or the journey to school may not be safe for girls and may expose them to increased risk of violence. Schools may lack sufficient sanitation facilities, causing girls to stay home and miss class during their period.Promoting equal access to education for girls is so much more than the right thing to do. It is also the smart thing to do.

Education increases global stability, child health and nutrition, and economic progress. God created men and women equally, and when we work together, we all move closer to the world he intended. It’s not just girls whose lives can be transformed by getting an education, it’s their future children, their families, nation and the entire world. Poverty is reduced when girls stay in school since girls or women are the majority of the world population. Educating girls for six years or more leads to improved pre- and postnatal care since educated women seek better care for themselves and their children.

The counter book training would not have been possible without the contributions of good Samaritans like Bianca from Brussels who bought for us the materials to make the books and one of our former beneficiaries Precious who taught the teenagers. God bless you.

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