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Slum Youth Rehabilitation and Development Organization- SYRADO Uganda is a young women-led not for profit that works with youth in slum communities to improve their lives. SYRADO Uganda integrates actions in economic empowerment, Sexual Reproductive Health Rights, Prevention to Gender Based Violence, waste recycling, mental health and emergency relief to support adolescent girls, young mothers and other vulnerable youth in the slum communities in Kampala. SYRADO mainstreams gender, leadership and advocacy through its programs. SYRADO empowers youth to form groups through which they learn and participate in development processes. SYRADO is registered with the NGO bureau (INDR150703813NB) and as a company limited by guarantee (80020001855835)

The Hearts with a mission Christmas campaign is one of the annual programs at SYRADO that is organized every 23rd of December to share the love of God and the spirit of Christmas with the community. We take gifts to them in form of foodstuffs to go through the celebration seasons. They know that regardless of their situations, God loves them and Christ brings joy and peace. We identify families who are too vulnerable to afford a Christmas meal.

This year we also want a medical camp for the people of Katanga. Overview. Katanga slum stretches about 1.5 kilometres from Wandegeya to Kubiri, near Bwaise. Katanga is divided into two administrative Local Council 1 zone, “Busia zone” and “Kimwanyi zone”. It is developed with students hostels as viewed from Wandegeya, and temporary structures built with timber or mud and bricks. The Katanga slum is deeply populated characterized by poverty, inadequate access to safe water, inadequate access to sanitation and other infrastructure, poor structural quality of housing and insecure residential status. It problem ranges from inadequate access to essential services like education, health and water affects their socioeconomic wellbeing.

This year we are looking at food for 100 families, medication open to the people of Katanga and at least 200 children immunized. For the medical camp. We are looking at HIV-AIDS counselling and testing, TB screening, Family planning and childhood immunizations and other medications. For food gift hampers. We are getting beans, rice, posh, sugar, cooking oil and soap for 100 families. We welcome partnership with organizations and individuals to make this event a success.

With our partners like Women’s Love Initiative, Kemi Cares and Touch a Heart Uganda, SYRADO was able to provide medical service to 200 people, provide clothes to over 150 people and give meals to 100 families in Katanga slum. This year was all about partnerships.

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