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What We do

Vocational skill enhancement

Under this component, SYRADO aims at providing the youth with entrepreneurship, hands-on skills so that they can create jobs or be employable.

Through this, they will earn income for livelihood. SYRADO is conducting the following activities under this program

     i.        Art and craft making skills such as doormats, tailoring, basket weaving, Tie and Dye, Crocheting, Jewelry making, leather shoes and Bag making etc

    ii.        Entrepreneurship trainings

   iii.        Vocational skills such as woodworks, cosmetology, Sanitary pads making, book making, Mechanics, Hair Dressing, soap Marking

   iv.        ICT to do social media marketing, blogging, web designing and digital communication.


    v.        Music, dance and drama skill development through workshops, talent shows, trainings, exposure visits and exchange learning visits.


Under this program, SYRADO aims at improving the mental health of slum youth through treatment interventions for substance abuse and psycho-social trauma. Initiatives conducted under this program include the following:

  1. Counseling
  2. Link substance abusers to rehabilitation centers
  • Sports for a sound mind
  1. Conflict resolution
  2. Safe spaces for expression and learning
  3. Empowering them through counselling and mindset change.
Leadership and mentoring

SYRADO aims at encouraging the youth to participate in the political and leadership positions in their communities and the country at large. These will be done through,

     I.        Coaching

   II.        Empowering them

 III.        Mentorship

  IV.        Ability assessments


    V.        Tasking and challenging them

Reproductive Health programs​

SYRADO aims at promoting body integrity and informed decision making in reproductive health issues among slum youth. SYRADO is to carry out AIDS and STI prevention as well as advocacy for better service provision of youth friendly services. This will enable the slum youth to have behavioral change hence health lives. This will be achieved through the following;

  1. Awareness promotion on SRHR and services
  2. Health boot camps
  • Family planning and family planning methods