Slum Youth Rehabilitation and Development

About us

Who We Are

We empower the Slum youth.

SYRADO Uganda is an organization that supports teenage girls, young women, youth, and people living with HIV and AIDS in the slums of Uganda through Vocational skills enhancement, rehabilitation, leadership and mentoring and reproductive health in order to contribute to sustainable development by creating jobs for the youths and rehabilitating the entire slum communities in Uganda.

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Our History

Slum Youth Rehabilitation and Development (SYRADO) is a non-government organization founded in 2018 working to promote livelihoods of adolescents and youth through health, education, and economic empowerment in Kampala and Wakiso districts of Uganda. SYRADO Uganda is set to promote Climate Justice, health, education, economic empowerment and peace among youth in slum areas in urban and peri-urban areas in Uganda. This is aimed at improving livelihood. SYRADO is contributing towards SDG 4; 4.4. Which says- By 2030, sustainably increase the number of youths and adults who have relevant skills including technical and vocational skills for employment, decent jobs and entrepreneurship. It is also working towards SDG 3: 3.6- that is strengthen prevention and treatment of substance abuse, including narcotic drug abuse and harmful use of alcohol. SYRADO is focusing on slum youth because they are vulnerable yet they can contribute a big labour force to the country. They are most vulnerable to HIV and AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, prostitution, unemployment, and abuse. All these are breeding factors for high crime rates, drug abuse and poor health among the youth.

SYRADO believes that when youth are empowered with vocational skills, conflict resolution skills, rehabilitation and reproductive health awareness, they will be able to improve their lives as well as meaningfully contribute to the economic development of the country. SYRADO works with youth from 13 to 24 years. These include Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW), male youth and children in and out of school and refugees.



Rehabilitated, educated and Employable youth in the slum areas in Uganda!



To empower slum youth with vocational skills, health awareness and conflict resolution measures for better livelihood



The following core values will be held by SYRADO staff and its management in the implementation of actions as a culture and image of the organization.

Compassion: We endeavor to support vulnerable people and their families and ensure their rights are upheld.

Inclusion and respect for diversity: We respect the rights of all people who work with us or seek our support irrespective of their ethnicity, religion, race and gender and any disability, hence support for actions that deepen mutuality, equity and equality.

Integrity, transparency and accountability: We uphold openness in our administrative services and outreach activities. We take value for money in project activities and are accountable for all expenditures and project results. We are individually and jointly accountable to our actions and performance.

Innovativeness: We are devoted to novelty and learning as a foundation for change; continuously searching for creative ideas towards holistic and sustainable community development.

Partnerships and ownership: We affirm interdependence and commit to work with a wide variety of partners through shared goals and mutual accountability for quality service delivery.

Professionalism: We commit to exercise competency, skills, knowledge and ethical behavior and practice in delivery of our services.


Responsiveness: We undertake risks with quick and appropriate action in a dignified manner while handling life threatening needs for those with vulnerabilities development organization.


To contribute to sustainable development by creating jobs for the youths and rehabilitating the entire slum communities in Uganda.



1. To create employment opportunities through vocational and entrepreneurship skills enhancement for the youth in slum areas


To promote treatment interventions for substance abuse and psycho-social trauma among the slum youth.


To empower slum youth to participate in leadership positions.


To promote bodily integrity and informed decision making in reproductive health issues among slum youth


Juliet Namukasa


Country Director. International Aid Services

Affi Patience

Vice chairperson

Community Development manager – Action for Rural Women Empowerment Uganda

Khasalamwa Lucia

BOD Secretary

Supervisor Employment Management- Kampala Capital City Authority

Niwemurungi Manuela


Artist Manager- M-one Management

Arafati Kawuka

Youth Representative

Youth Leader Katanga-Kimwanyi Zone

Our staff

Rossette Kyakyo

Executive Director and Founder -
She has a bachelor’s degree in social sciences from Makerere University and a diploma in Guidance and Counselling from YMCA University

Suzan Ndagire

Project Officer

She has a bachelor’s degree in sports science from Makerere Universtity with experience in community mobilization and training

Michael Hajusu

Project accountant

He has a degree in BCOM from Makerere University and is currently pursuing ACCA at the same university

Emmanuel Muwanguzi

He has a degree in Information Technology from Makerere University

Comfort Akampumuza

Office Administrator -
She is a youth in Kamwokya where our offices are located and she is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business administration at Makerere Business School