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syrado uganda

Promote livelihoods of adolescents and youth through health, education, and economic empowerment

Who We Are

SYRADO Uganda is an organization that supports teenage girls, young women, youth, and people living with HIV and AIDS in the slums of Uganda through Vocational skills enhancement, rehabilitation, leadership and mentoring and reproductive health in order to contribute to sustainable development by creating jobs for the youths and rehabilitating the entire slum communities in Uganda

our programs


— Vocational skill enhancement

Under this component, SYRADO aims at providing the youth with entrepreneurship, hands-on skills so that they can create jobs or be employable.


— Rehabilitation

Under this program, SYRADO aims at improving the mental health of slum youth through treatment interventions for substance abuse and psycho-social trauma.


— Leadership and mentoring

SYRADO aims at encouraging the youth to participate in the political and leadership positions in their communities and the country at large


— Reproductive Health programs

SYRADO aims at promoting body integrity and informed decision making in reproductive health issues among slum youth. SYRADO is to carry out AIDS and STI prevention as well as advocacy for better service provision of youth friendly services. This will enable the slum youth to have behavioral change hence health lives


Our Products.

Through the various projects, the youth have been able to come up with various wonderful products, some of these are sold, some are gifted to other members who are less priviledged.  

OUR Partners